Transfer Deadline Day Not A Recipe For Success

As I write this transfer deadline day for the English Premier League is in full swing.

English fans delight every year with the summer transfer deadline day, hoping their favourite clubs will sign someone new.

The thinking for every club is that it’s their last chance to sign the player they need to help push them over the edge for the coming season.

Yet for every deadline day signing like Mesut Ozil and Rafal van der Vaart, there’s a Fernando Llorente and Moussa Sissoko. The deadline day signing your celebrating this evening might not actually prove that beneficial for the coming season.

The front running clubs such as Manchester City and Liverpool have concluded their business early in this window, to give the maximum time for the players to adapt and adjust to their new surroundings.

Players signed today will immediately be thrown into a new team, and especially for players signing from foreign leagues it can take a long time to get comfortable in the team. These players may even be thrown into the fire too soon, which could permanently damage them in the Premier League.

The likes of Manchester City, Liverpool and Arsenal seem to have adopted the European model of getting their business done early this summer. In a summer with the World Cup and the shortest off-season in a while for the transfer window, the biggest European clubs have done the majority of their business early.

Whilst the majority of Europe will sit back entertained at watching Premier League clubs and fans going crazy today, we should all remember that any potential signings celebrated today are in more danger than most summer signings of not planning out as expected.

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