Bruno Carneiro Interview

Bruno Carneiro is a young up and coming American racing driver. The 16 year old racer had a good career in karting, and is now making his move into cars. This season he is competing in the Formula Mazda series in America, and recently took a win and a second in the latest round at Laguna Seca.

I took the opportunity recently to send over some questions to Bruno about his career up to now, and his plans for the future. He was kind enough to respond and here are his answers. I would to say a huge thank you to Bruno for agreeing to take part and I wish him the best of luck for the rest of his 2016 season and beyond.  For more information on Bruno please visit his website

What inspired you to become a racing driver? When did you start karting?

I started Karting at the age of 4 and fell in love with the sport purely by watching racing videos and F1 races with my dad. The moment I saw the speed, all the components that go into a racing car to make it work and the beauty of it all, I knew this is what I wanted to do with my life even at such a young age.

10959775_361191464067028_3068840101373050654_nCarneiro during his karting career. Here he is competing in Florida in 2012. Photo copyright Bruno Carneiro/

What prompted the move through the American single seater ladder?

Here in the United States there are many great ladder systems that really do their best effort to get the driver to the top of Motorsports.

I Am a Formula car and Open wheel Fanatic by watching Indycar and Formula 1 racing. I really love the downforce and lightweight advantages you can only get in an open wheel race car. What really has my eye now is the Mazda Road to Indy because it is powered by a great brand and is by far the best ladder system that is very established in open wheel racing!

Would you ever consider a switch to the European racing scene or are you only focusing on the American scene?

If the opportunity arrives to where I would have a better chance or more “open doors” racing in Europe, I would definitely do it! Just now, with the way there are some different series, I see more and better opportunities her in the U.S. Especially with the

12039632_469930189859821_1694831429474059573_nBruno celebrating during his debut year in cars last year. Photo copyright

What is your ultimate ambition in racing?

Ever since I was a little boy my dream has been to race F1. But as I grew up, so did the reality and I could see Formula one is a goal very far from reaching! Now I won’t say I won’t keeping thinking about it and trying to pursue but it has become very hard to reach with the amount of money F1 has turned into. I find IndyCar is the Top form of Open Wheel racing here in the U.S. And that has become my goal now.

How is the Formula Mazda season going so far? What hopes do you have for the coming season?

So far very good! After a great weekend At Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, we took a 2nd and 1st place finish which ties us up for the lead in the championship! The hope is to win the championship, which I think we can do and by that be invited to the Shootout where I can compete in to win $200K to put towards the first ladder step in the Mazda Road to Indy, in the USF2000 Class.

12279082_485468728305967_5486870263355963397_nBruno impressed when competing in he FIA Chinese F4 Championship last year. Photo copyright

As a young driver, how do you manage to secure the funding to go racing, and is this something that may become a problem if you progress to higher categories in the future?

I have many fabulous people and supporters that have helped me along the years as well as Partners (RODIZIO GRILL being a main one), that have made me get to where I am. Along with the fact that, for about 8 years now I have been going door to door selling $25 gift certificates to Rodizio Grill, where I put all the money I make into my racing account! It is tough but lots of benefits can come from fundraising 4-5 nights a week with about 400 houses a week, in any type of weather setting! I do get some breaks, and I enjoy them!

I am still looking for more partners for the 2016 Season and have sent out Proposals outlining what I can do for that Business or company.

Have you ever considered racing in any other categories such as sportscars for example?

I always say, if it has 4 wheels and goes forward I want to be driving it! I have tested a Porsche 997 Cup Car, Nissan Z, Spec Miata, exc. and have gotten quite fast and used to the cars! If the opportunity arrives to where driving a sports car is more realistic, I will gladly take it! My love has been in open wheel, but my passion is in driving race cars!

9212_521559138030259_6881914262631806546_nBruno celebrating victory at Laguna Seca earlier this year. Photo copyright David Vuong.

Did you have a hero growing up and who is the one driver you must admire now?

Ayrton Senna. No question. He was and will forever be my idol for what he did on and off the track. He is a legend and in my mind, nobody can compare to him in what he has done for himself, others and the sport of Motorsports! Right now I’d say I really admire Scott Dixon for the amount of attention and time he pays to the fans and people watching the race! It is hard to find that in someone, but he shines through with it! Also, Desiré Wilson who was one of the few female drivers in Formula 1 and a person I am lucky to call my friend.

And finally, if you could compete in one race with one car what would they be?

You know, at first I would have said to drive a Formula one car through Eau Rouge at Spa, but I think that if I could somehow get the 787B Mazda Prototype car and race it around Le Mans, that would be something out of this world! The history, the power, the Rotary, the MAZDA! It is such a beautiful car to see and mostly to hear!


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