Return of The Libertines

A few months ago, I posted on here about the unfortunate demise of The Libertines, arguably one of Britain’s best music creations of the 2000’s. Yet only a few short months later, and things have gone in the complete opposite direction. They’ve announced a whirlwind comeback, several sold out shows and now talk of a new album, their first for 10 years. How did things change so soon for The Libertines?

After a acrimonious break-up, which I wrote about here , in 2004, there have always been rumours of a re-union , despite the constant bad blood between founding band members Carl Barat and Pete Doherty. After spending 6 years going their separate ways, the British music world was stunned when The Libertines announced a comeback in early 2010, to headline the Reading and Leeds festivals in August.

Their comeback shows were quick sell out’s and generated rave reviews from the music press and capacity crowds. Alas, from here all 4 members went their separate ways again as the likelihood of another comeback seemed increasingly remote as the years went by. The British music world was therefore sent into shock once more several months back, when a huge comeback gig was announced for Hyde Park on July 5th. Whilst for fans and the press alike, this seemed similar to their 2010 comeback, this time the band were insistent things would be different.

Firstly, it soon became clear the 10 years of tension had been laid bare, with smiles all round now from Barat and Doherty. Also, from the start there was talk from the band of more shows and new material from the band. The band returned with a gig at the Barrowlands venue in Glasgow, to rapturous support as they whizzed through a huge 25 song set. Despite some apparent rustiness the band received rave reviews from the two shows they played at the Barrowlands, before the big return in Hyde Park.

For some fans the Hyde Park gig was a bone of contention as they felt The Libertines were selling out for money, which some felt was wrong for a band that in the past prided itself on being the anthisis of. With some criticism from the press also, the Hyde Park gig was eagerly anticipated as to see if the band still had their old magic. From the moment the first song of the night ended, it became clear the band were still the same Libertines of old, despite the gig having to be stopped several times to allow a surging crowd to back up and prevent a crush occurring.

The 60 000 strong crowed were eagerly urging the band on as they conducted the best moment of many people’s lives in the crowd, and with three more shows announced at London’s Alexandra Palace for September 26th,27th and 28th, plus talk of a potential new album, Libertines fans have plenty to be pleased with as one of the biggest British bands of the 2000’s look to make this comeback permanent this time. Let’s hope things finally go right for The Libertines.

Photo credit goes to NME.Com please check out their impressive and wide ranging online photo collection. Photo credit also goes to Getty images.


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