Cook Islands make history with win

Last Sunday, at a lowly rugby league stadium deep in the heart of Wales the 3,270 strong crowd were witnesses to history. The smallest team at the tournament, the Cook Islands , managed to claim their first ever Rugby League World Cup victory in their second appearance at the tournament. To the disappointment of the majority partisan crowd the Cook Islands team bounced back from a disappointing opening game defeat against the USA to claim a deserved victory over an under-performing Welsh side. Wales squandered early possession which was punished by the Cook Islands team who deservedly led at half time 16-4. The second half saw more of the same early on with a quick try making it 22-4, before a late flurry of try’s and kicks from Wales left them only two points behind late on. The comeback was halted however by a fifth and final try from the Cook Islands to secure them a 28-24 victory in a game where the scoreline disguised the disparity between the teams.  This result in reality doesn’t mean a great deal to both teams as the USA have already secured the only quarter final berth in the group however the Cook Islands players celebrated like they had just won the tournament, with all of their celebrations being available on their Twitter and Facebook pages @CookIslands_RL and to view. 


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